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Q4 - 2023

Q3 - 2023

Q2 - 2023

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Q3 - 2022

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Q4 - 2023

Q3 - 2023

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Dividends Announcement 2023

Dividends Announcement 2022

Extraordinary General Assembly 2022

General Assembly 2023

Arqaam Capital Coverage Report Q4 - 2023

Arqaam Capital Coverage Report Q3 - 2023

Arqaam Capital Coverage Report Q2 - 2023

Arqaam Capital Coverage Report Q1 - 2023

BHM Capital Coverage Report Q1 - 2023

BHM Capital Coverage Report Q4 - 2022

BHM Capital Coverage Report Q2 - 2021

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Bank’s Corporate Governance Code

Capital Bank is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices reflect the highest levels of corporate governance. We have established a comprehensive framework of policies and systems that ensures full accountability to our shareholders and other stakeholders, including the bank’s customers, employees and the broader community.

The bank is directed by the board of directors, which has overall responsibility for the operations and financial soundness of the bank. The board defines the bank’s strategic goals and exercises control over its executive management. The board consists of thirteen members, a mix of executive and nonexecutive directors.

To increase efficiency and speed up decision making, the board has formed seven committees: the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Corporate Governance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Compliance Committee, the Credit Facilities Committee and the IT Governance Committee.

The board of directors and the bank’s executive management are further responsible for developing and monitoring an internal control system that ensures the accuracy and integrity of financial statements, as well as compliance with applicable laws, regulations and instructions.

Coroporate Governance Guide 2023

Shareholders' Complaints and Suggestions

Dear Shareholder,

To ensure that we provide you with the best services and enhance the principle of corporate governance, we receive your suggestions and complaints on the following e-mail:

Shareholder Data Update

Dear Shareholder,

To update your data, please click on the following link to download an individual shareholder data card, fill it in, sign it and return it to us at the email address below. and click here if you are corporate shareholder for the data card to be filled and signed. In the case that you wish to transfer your profits for the coming years, please add the details of the bank to which you want to transfer them in full, authenticate the signature from your bank and fill in the IBAN field. Otherwise, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to remit the profits.

Individual Shareholder Data Card

Corporate Shareholder Data Card

Shareholder Suggestions About the General Assembly Agenda

Dear Shareholder,

In accordance with the provisions of Article (5/ق,ر) of the Corporate Governance Code for the listed companies in the year 2017, you may submit your suggestions for including certain topics on the General Assembly agenda, a measure that ensures they will be studied and decided on. Shareholders who own 5% of the bank’s shares may add agenda items for the January General Assembly of each year, provided that the proposed topics fall within the jurisdiction of the General Assembly and in accordance with the current provisions of the Jordanian Companies Law. Suggestions may be sent to the following email address:

Governance and Management of Information and Related Technologies Guide

Information technology (IT) is one of the most important elements of the business world due to its active role in managing institutional operations, meeting companies’ needs and seeking to achieve their goals. It is a catalyst for change and one of the most important elements of development and distinction between institutions. For these reasons, Capital Bank must follow the sound tenets and standards of accepted international practices in its management of IT. The Central Bank of Jordan issued instructions for the government and management of IT and related technologies – COBIT 5 no. 65/2016 on October 25, 2016 – and these are now an integral part of the corporate governance project, their application having since become a fundamental requirement for all banks in Jordan. This includes the formation of committees to implement governance-related tasks.

Guide to Governance, Information Management and Associated Technology



For any inquiries concerning our coverage reports, investor relations presentations and financial information, please contact us at

For any inquiries concerning our stocks, dividends, complaints, suggestions or to update Investors’ data card please contact us at

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