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Capital Bank

Capital Bank OF Jordan

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Trade Finance

Capital Bank offers specialized trade finance activities to help enable customers to expedite the buying/selling of products in a secure and efficient manner.


Letters of credit

Capital Bank offers the extension of indirect credit in the form of L/Cs, the most common arrangement used by global banks for settling international commercial transactions. The document guarantees the full payment of goods, as long as certain delivery conditions have been met, and ensures that transactions are carried out according to international terms and regulations.

Capital Bank offers different types of L/Cs: sight, standby and deferred payment.

Letters of Guarantee

Capital Bank offers customized bank guarantees for specific purposes, including bid bonds, performance bonds and customs bonds. The bank will pay an agreed amount to the beneficiary should the customer fail to fulfill the transactional obligation within a specified period of time – up to the expiration date of the guarantee.

Bills for Collection

Capital Bank offers bills for collection to its valued clients who do not require the full protection of an L/C but seek enhanced protection when transacting their business in open account terms.

Through its bills for collection, Capital Bank can handle the financial and/or commercial documents in accordance with the instructions received from the exporter to obtain payment or deliver documents pertaining to the delivery of goods. The draft amount represents the commercial value of the deal as well as transportation expenses, or any other agreed-upon arrangement

Export Loans

Export loans enable our clients to gain the liquidity they need to carry out export transactions at competitive rates, and with flexible terms.

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