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Our People, Our Capital

Our people are what make us one of the most trusted banks

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Life at Capital

Our Values

At Capital Bank, we have built a foundation of people-centric core values that guide us in our commitment to always operate with integrity for the sake of both our clients and our entire team. As we continue our journey of growth, with a strategy set forth by our knowledgeable board of directors as well as our experienced executive management team, we will continue to navigate the business environment with high governance standards, reliability, and honor, while simultaneously focusing on employee experience, continuous development, and the celebration of teamwork.

“I am Proactive, I am an Ambassador, I am Capital”

Clients Come First




Our People, Our Capital


Our working environment

Our Health & Wellness

At Capital Bank, we Connect on a Human Level and focus on the employee experience and boost continuous employee listening. We believe that our people deserve excellent service, a safe, productive, and healthy work environment, and quality results.

When it comes to Well-being, our commitment to ensure a distinguished employee experience that celebrates good work-life balance, good physical health, reduced stress, enriched lives - does not waver. We have made a commitment to support our people to be their best and make an impact that matters. This is driven by our fundamental belief that wellness in our workplace is a crucial aspect of enabling us to achieve our purpose; making an impact that matters to our clients, our people, and our communities.

We also focus on improving employee wellbeing and overall quality of life by providing ongoing programs and initiatives throughout the year through designing and implementing various types of wellness programs according to specific themes of personal health (Physical, Mental, Social, and Intellectual).

Women at Capital

Women represent an important percentage of the professionals in our Bank. Women are an integral part of the Bank and represent an asset and play an important and fundamental role in mentoring the new generation of professionals. Capital Bank has demonstrated that women have the same opportunities as men in advancing into high-level leadership positions with a ratio of women (40%)

Developing our people

We believe that the strength of Capital Group lies in the strength of our people. Employees are the cornerstone of everything we do. We hire great people and train them well. Encourage everyone to contribute to the best of his/her ability. We prioritize performance and are committed to maximizing the potential of every individual to support and promote Capital as a learning organization. We treat everyone with respect, acknowledge and reward high performers; that helps identify and develop leaders. We recognize that we gain strength from a diverse workforce – embrace our differences!

As we owe our success to our employees, at Capital Bank we offer a wide range of development opportunities that support our people in building their career path. With our learning and development programs, we offer the tools our employees need to take their curiosity, passion, and knowledge further. We make sure our employees feel confident about improving their efficiency and productivity while continuously achieve personal and professional growth.


Rewards & Benefits

At Capital Bank, we ensure having a fair and accurate compensation system, including regular salaries and bonuses. Employees are entitled to a comprehensive, high-quality compensation and benefits scheme/package designed to meet their diverse needs. These include paid time off, special loan facilities, insurance plans and other similar amenities with special privileges. The Compensation and Benefits Policy is a system that helps employees satisfy their needs, achieve their goals and, ultimately, enjoy an enriching working experience. We also ensure the determination of the proper market value for each job.

Capital Bank appreciates good work and talent, and this is reflected not only in your salary package but also through variable awards and benefits. We have an array of benefits and awards and below is a list of our package:

  • Health Care Benefits: Your health is important to us. As a full time employee, the bank provides you with health insurance plans for you and your families.
  • Rewards: Capital Rewards Programs were built to recognize each Capital Bank employee for living and demonstrating the role model behaviors and characteristics that drive our organization's excellence. Our reward and recognition programs enable recognizing and celebrating successes and supports in fostering a strong, high-performing and a productive culture. By rolling out our reward and recognition programs, we make sure to promote culture of acknowledgment, recognition and appreciation of top performers and enhance the loyalty and spirit of collaboration among employees.
  • Capital Benefits: An employee benefit model “Our Capital Retention Tool” has 4 major pillars (Health, Lifestyle, Financial Security & Women Empowerment) that is deployed to move away from the traditional benefits structure into a more flexible structure that gives the employees the option to choose from a bigger basket of options rather than having the employer select the benefits on their behalf.


At Capital Bank Group, we believe that everyone brings a diverse set of competencies to the table every day. It means you’ll put these competencies along with the team competencies to problem solve different challenges in business. Also, there are always an opportunity to move up, and sideways, depending on where you see yourself next.

Your experience, insights and skills are the fuels that help us achieve our goals. You’ll enjoy working in harmony to help the business and your personal ambitions rise higher.

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