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Different accounts for different needs

A wide range of deposit accounts ensures there is a perfect account to cater to specific customer needs.


Current Account

Capital Bank’s current account gives you the ability to manage and control your money more effectively and enjoy high-quality banking services.

Prizes start with gold & ends with cash / Win gold and cash

Open or feed your account today for a chance to win.

Premium Savings Account

We reward your savings with the highest return in the kingdom to allow you to maintain the value as much as possible. Every JOD or USD you saved, is one you rightfully earned!

Precious Metals savings Account

For the first time in Jordan, with our precious metals savings accounts, you can save your assets in any virtual metals, Gold XAU or a Silver XAG.

Basic Bank Account

This current account is the go-to for any and all individuals with do not have other bank accounts and are looking to settle with just one.

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