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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Believing in its pivotal role in affecting the local community positively and contributing effectively to its development and growth, Capital Bank of Jordan has set a robust strategy for corporate social responsibility, mapping its target audience and main pillars.

Capital Bank is addressing the most pressing issues facing Jordanians through its CSR strategy. This includes focusing on the country's youthful demographic, with 63% of the population under 30. The bank is also committed to tackling the low financial inclusion rate, which currently stands at 45%, as well as addressing the high unemployment rate, reaching 22.3% in Q3 2023. Additionally, Capital Bank aims to contribute to increasing the representation of women in the workforce.

Our CSR pillars:

  • Financial Literacy: By addressing financial literacy and including youth education.
  • Entrepreneurship: Focusing on entrepreneurship brings numerous benefits that extend beyond the individual entrepreneur.
  • Women Empowerment: Encouraging women to have effective participation in the local economy.
  • Environmental: Supporting various initiatives by adopting clean and green practices as part of our sustainable performance.

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