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Personal loan against cash


Personal loan against cash benefits

Key benefits

Tenure up to 8 years


  • One of the lowest margins in the market (Private banking customers margin: 1%, Select customers margin: 1.25%, and capital advance customers: 1.5%)
  • Enhanced process: Process to obtain a PL against cash margin is now fast-tracked, with same day loan disbursal (would be disbursed on the next day if the application is made post 3 pm)
  • 100% cash collateral in the case of monthly installments and deposits in local currency.
  • 105% cash collateral in the case of annual installments and deposits in local currency.
  • 120% cash collateral in the case of the currency is foreign for both monthly and annual payments.

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Starting from

1% Interest margin

up to

JOD 1,000,000 Maximum Loan

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