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Bill Payment

Capital Bank of Jordan is committed to providing its Institutional banking clients with seamless and efficient banking solutions. Our clients can effortlessly pay their bills through efawateercom by utilizing the Capital Bank Business Online Platform. This integration offers a streamlined and secure way to manage bill payments, enhancing your operational efficiency and financial management capabilities. Embrace the convenience of handling your transactions online, anytime and anywhere, with Capital Bank's innovative banking solutions.

SMS Banking

Receive instant notifications on your mobile with Capital Bank’s SMS banking service.
Subscribe to our SMS service and receive alerts for the following:
Withdrawal of funds: Debit transaction, POS purchase, cash withdrawal, bill payment, VISA payment, standing order
Deposits: Salary, cash, ATM reversal, POS reversal
Fixed deposits and certificates of deposit: Interest payment, maturity
Loans: Instalments, due payments
Remittances: Outward, inward (including foreign remittances)
Cheque transactions: Deposit, withdrawal, returned, foreign, account overdrawn by cheque
Letters of credit (LC): Issuance, expiry, maturity, export LC received
Letters of guarantee (LG): issuance, amendments, expiry
Collection of bills: Outward collection settlement, inward collection received

Sulfeh o Rateb

Sulfeh o Rateb is an “Earned Wage Access” solution provided to our Corporate Clients employees’ (powered by Ryalize) which allows them to receive a part of their unpaid earned wages based on a percentage set by the bank prior to payday for a fixed fee per transaction.

Sulfeh o Rateb provides your company with many benefits such as:

  • Zero-cost solution with regards to cash flow and integration.
  • Total dashboard control, oversight, and management with a detailed overview on all transactions.
  • Increased employee retention & productivity by reducing their financial stress. This can be provided as your commitment to their financial wellness.
  • Enable your employees to receive their earned wages.

Sulfeh o Rateb provides your employees with many benefits such as:

  • Security and ease of use.
  • Ability to perform multiple transactions per month with a fixed fee of JOD 2 per transaction.
  • Instant access from mobile devices.
  • Opting-out at any time.
  • Submitting a max of 3 financial requests per day.


For more information, please contact us on 06-5100321


* This service is powered by Ryalize.

* Terms and Conditions Apply.

Capital Bank Business Online

You can use the Capital Bank Business Online service to do the following:
View accounts and view transactions
View deposits
View loans (revolving or declining)
View Post dates Cheques
Complete internal transfer between company accounts
Complete internal transfer with other accounts
Issue a domestic transfer
Issue a foreign transfer
Pay bills
Download and upload the payroll file


Trade Finance:

Outward /Import L/Cs

Inward /Export L/Cs

Inward Bills for Collection

Outward Bills for Collection

Outward Standby L/Cs and Guarantees

Inward Guarantees/Standby L/Cs

Shipping Guarantees and Endorsement


Point of Sale (POS) Machine

Capital Bank expands its electronic payment services as it provides merchants with its own state-of-the-art POS machines that accept global Mastercard and Visa cards. The POS operates on Android system with the newest international security technologies and offers competitive and exclusive benefits.

The bank also offers aftersales services and e-commerce payment solutions in a secure and easy methods to protect the merchants transactions and their e-commerce operations, all in line with the Central Bank of Jordan regulations in exchange for competitive commissions for the bank’s clients.

Corporates and SMEs will be able to increase their sales through using Capital Bank’s POS machines and the services that come with it, where the sales amount will be allocated and deposited in their accounts on same day value.

Cash Collection through Brinks

The Bank is willing to collect your daily cash through deploying Cash Deposit Machines/Units in your premises. By this, the daily cash will be deposited through the machines to be credited to your account held with us directly due to the fact that we have a full integration between the Cash Deposit Machines/Units and our Core Banking System.

Mobile Wallets Solution

The Bank shall arrange to onboard the client on a merchant mobile wallet. The mobile wallet shall be supplied and operated by Dinarak in its capacity as the Bank’s partner in offering mobile wallet services. The mobile wallet can be accessed by the company cashiers through an application supplied by Dinarak accessible on a mobile device or Android POS device. Furthermore, the onboarded Company can access the wallet through a web platform supplied by Dinarak to send funds to beneficiaries after registering a business wallet “B2P” such as Petty cash management and Pension funds management in addition to monitoring and reporting all transaction made through the wallet.

Once the onboarding process is successfully completed, the Company will be able to collect sales proceeds from customers in store or online. In the case of in-store purchases, the company cashier can access the merchant mobile wallet through the application and can generate a QR code for the customer to scan to process the payment. In cases of online purchases for delivery, the customer can transfer the invoice amount from his/her wallet into the company wallet using transfer functionality. For avoidance of doubt, the company merchant wallet can accept payments from all mobile wallet providers such as Zain Cash, Orange Money and U wallet.

Funds will be collected instantly by the company into its merchant mobile wallet upon each payment by a customer. The Bank shall facilitate the cash collection by depositing the balance of the company wallet into its account held with the Bank.

The following table summarizes the details of the collection solution:

Collection Type Capacity Supported Currencies Frequency of Collection Frequency of Credit in Account Value Date of Credit in Account
Mobile Wallet N/A JOD Real time settlement into wallet any time (24/7) Daily Same day credit

eCommerce Payment Gateway

The Bank is in the process of introducing its eCommerce payment gateway which can be integrated with the merchant online shopping platform(s) and accepts all types of card payments in addition to payments via Jordan Mobile Payment (JoMoPay) to cater to all mobile wallet providers. Any other mechanisms of payment can also be supported as required by the merchant (example, PayPal). All payments processed via the eCommerce payment gateway shall be paid into the merchant account with the Bank.

Salary Rebate

The Bank is willing to pay to the Company a monthly rebate of 1% of the amount of each salary transferred to their employee’s holding an account with the Bank. The total rebate amount paid to the Company shall not exceed JOD 500 per month.

For any Company to become eligible for salary rebate, the following conditions must be met:
Minimum salary per employee is JOD 500.
A minimum of 15 salaries to be transferred per month.
Total salaries transferred per month should be in a minimum of JOD 15,000 per month.

Call Account

A current account with monthly interest rate not exceeding 1.5% calculated on daily basis for minimum balance amount of JOD 25,000 for SMEs and JOD 50,000 for Commercial, Corporates and Governmental Corporates and it does not entitle the customer to issue cheque books under this type of account

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