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Easy Payment Plan


Credit Card - Easy Payment Plan

Maximize your purchasing power with the Capital Bank Easy Payment Plan (EPP), a flexible credit solution designed for Capital Bank Visa credit cardholders. This program allows you to spread the cost of your purchases, both local and international, over manageable monthly installments up to 36 months.

Benefits of Enrolling in the EPP:

  1. Eligibility: All holders of Capital Bank Visa credit cards can access this program.
  2. Global Use: Convert purchases made at points of sale or online, both locally and internationally, into installments.
  3. Flexible Duration: Choose an installment period of up to 36 months for your transactions.
  4. Low Commission Fee: Enjoy a low commission rate of 0.75%, as the transaction amount is simply divided equally across the selected installment period.
  5. 24/7 Ability to Install: Convert to installment payments post-purchase via POS machines of authorized partners, through the 24/7 Customer Service Center, our Mobile Application, or an SMS notification.

How to Avail the EPP:

  1. Activation: After completing a transaction, request installment conversion through our Mobile Application, by contacting the Capital Bank Customer Service at 06-5100220 (available 24/7), or via an SMS notification.
  2. Eligible Transaction Limits: Transactions between 100 JOD and 17,125 JOD qualify, provided the total does not exceed your card's credit limit.
  3. Eligible Cards: Your credit card must be active and in good standing to qualify.
  4. Ineligibility for Cash Advances: Cash withdrawals at ATMs or credit card transfers over the app will not be converted into installments.
  5. Application Deadline: Requests must be made before the issuance of your monthly credit card statement on the 15th of each month.
  6. Ongoing Amounts: Each installment will be added to your card’s minimum monthly payment due.

Important Considerations:

  1. Default Consequences: Missing two installment payments will result in program ineligibility; all remaining installments will be due immediately, and standard credit card interest rates will apply.
  2. Cancellation Policy: If a credit card with an active installment plan is canceled, the full remaining balance will be due, including any applicable fees.
  3. Card Status: Cards that are expired or suspended are not eligible for the EPP.
  4. Offers: Some transactions are excluded from the commission based on the channel that has been used while install the transaction.

With the Capital Bank Easy Payment Plan, managing large purchases is simpler and more budget friendly. Enroll today to start enjoying the benefits of planned payments without extra costs.


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