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The Fintech Summit Ranks Blink as the Best Digital Bank for the year 2023 and awards it the Peacock Prize

Blink, the leading digital bank providing banking solutions in Jordan, announced that it has won the Peacock Prize for the best digital bank of the year 2023 during the Fintech Summit Middle East held in Amman under the theme " The new order for Fintech, Digital Payments, and Banking in a Digital Society."

Blink's accomplishment in receiving this award stems from its recognition as the leading provider of digital financial technology services and solutions, as well as its exceptional utilization of technology to deliver an outstanding customer experience and service. This recognition is a result of Blink fulfilling various award criteria, such as demonstrating a significant impact and interaction, along with displaying creativity and strategic planning.

Zein Malhas, the CEO of Blink, expressed her pride in the bank's attainment of this esteemed recognition and honor. She views it as a testament to the diligent efforts undertaken in advancing the digital transformation journey, fostering financial inclusion within the Kingdom, and attaining financial independence.

Blink participated in the Fintech Summit Middle East, which highlighted the latest global trends in the financial technology industry and the role of innovation in enhancing the reputation and profitability of financial institutions. The summit brought together around 400 experts and speakers, including top CEOs, digital financial technology directors, banks, and international, regional, and local companies.

During the summit, Malhas discussed in her lecture the important characteristics and features of digital banks, which are a major component of the digital economy. They play an active role in removing traditional obstacles to banking transactions, helping to reduce customer effort and efficiently manage their time. Additionally, they indirectly contribute to facilitating the transition to a cashless society.

Malhas highlighted Blink's exceptional experience, as it provides innovative digital banking services through its smart platform, targeting youth, home business owners, university students, and housewives to contribute to achieving financial inclusion, encouraging savings, sound financial planning, and elevating the exceptional digital banking experience.

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