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Capital Bank Organizes Workshop for its Employees in Collaboration with "Kun" Platform

As part of its continuous efforts to provide a suitable and ideal work environment that motivates its employees to increase productivity, Capital Bank held a dialogue session on well-being and enhancement of physical and mental health, in collaboration with the "Kun" team under the "Kun Maakum" program for corporate wellness.

The workshop was attended by about 80 employees and 10 experts and specialists in various fields to manage the discussion and stimulate positive and constructive dialogue. The discussions focused on ways to improve employee welfare by addressing ways to reduce life pressures and focusing on mental clarity and physical well-being, with reference to the vital role that mental health plays in their lives in general.

The Group Chief Human Resources Officer at Capital Bank, Haya Abu Ata, said: "We continue to invest in the potential of our employees in Capital Bank and encourage them to exercise more creativity and productivity by providing an ideal and healthy work environment, and we will continue over the coming months to organize many activities and workshops that focus on the mental and physical health of our employees and are consistent with our goals in human resources management at the bank."

This session was one of a series of workshops and events that Capital Bank will organize with "Kun" platform for corporate wellness until the end of June.

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