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Capital Bank Partners with DocJo for Employee Workshop

Capital Bank recently partnered with DocJo, a leading provider of children's physical, psychological and behavioral health services, for a workshop as part of the Parental Health program.

The workshop stemmed from an agreement signed by the two parties that offers Capital Bank the opportunity to participate in DocJo’s programs, as well as offering access to a network of doctors, behavioral and mental health experts, life coaches for parents and a platform that delivers customized tips, tools, and resources.

Capital Bank prioritizes initiatives that advance a positive environment for its employees, which is in line with its strategy of adopting a model that furthers the productivity of its team members in order to help them achieve a balance between their work and personal lives.

The DocJo platform provides a number of services including a digital storage of children’s health records, cross-platform consultations on behavior and children’s mental and physical health records. The platform also offers life coaching for parents and up-to-date and comprehensive content including articles and videos on a wide range of topics related to children’s health, practical daily advice and recommendations, referrals to specialists and doctors when needed, as well as monthly follow-ups and monitoring of children's health.

DocJo allows parents to easily communicate from anywhere with a healthcare professional, starting from the moment they discover they are expecting a new baby until their child's 18th birthday, offering parents a customized parenting experience that fits the unique needs of their families.

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