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Business Signature Credit Card

Manage your company cash flows and payments through the issuance of subsidiary cards with specific limits for users and departments.

Benefits & Features

Key Benefits

Access to VIP lounges at international airports, travel insurance, and various discounts

The ability to perform online purchases and payments at any time and with flexible repayment options


      • Minimum Limit JOD 7.5K     Maximum Limit JOD 25k.
      • Airport services Offer: The Cardholder is entitled to 12 lounge visits (Cardholder only) in a calendar year with access to 1000+ airport lounges in more than 300 cities all around the world,
      • Company Liability Waiver Insurance (CLWI) is a benefit offered by Visa CEMEA to all CEMEA issuers of Corporate Cards 
      • Companies will be able to finance its working capital gaps, facilitate their payment processes, and control expenses by using specific revolving limits for daily operating expenses that include bill payments, purchases, and covering miscellaneous expenses related to their business,
      • The product allows the companies to manage their cash flows and payments through the issuance of subsidiary cards with specific limits for various uses and different departments.

    Offers and benefits are subject to change. Terms and conditions apply.

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