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Mumayyaz Motor Insurance

Designed to protect you from financial losses arising from accidents, by providing cover for vehicle damages despite the liability in the accident, in addition to the damages of the other party’s vehicle according to the terms and instructions of the compulsory insurance system (TPL) if the insured caused the accident.
In addition to the main coverage offered in the comprehensive insurance, this program offers exclusive extra coverage.

Features & Benefits

Key Benefits

Cover includes damage caused by fire, explosion or self-combustion

Cover includes vehicle robbery and theft

Cover includes bodily damage to the passenger of the insured vehicle


  • The insurance company vows to compensate the policyholder for any damages to the vehicle if it was caused by:     Fire, external explosion or self-combustion.     Robbery and theft.     Overturning or collision of the insured vehicle with another external object.     The intentional act or mistake of another, except as a result of dishonesty or fraud.     Objects falling or flying off.     Fire, collision, overturning of any means of transport on which the insured vehicle is being transported.
  • The damage to one or more parts of the body of the insured vehicle.     Physical and material damages to other parties in accordance with the terms of the compulsory insurance system.     Bodily damage to the passengers of the insured vehicle.
  • Vehicle’s exterior (body) insurance + liability against other parties insurance.     Agency repair service.     Damages resulting from natural hazards.     100% coverage against accidents caused by unknown parties.     Airbags coverage if the accident is covered by the insurance policy.     All the original car optional extras.     A one-week travel insurance policy upon request at any time during the vehicle insurance period.     A 24-hour roadside assistance service that includes:     Vehicle licensing service.     Battery charging service.     Tire exchange service.     Fuel delivery service.     Unlocking service.     Towing or moving the vehicle when it is technically broken or due to an accident (in case of needing a crane).



The vehicle must be thoroughly inspected and pictures taken of the 4 sides when insuring for the first time and detailed and complete information must be provided to issue an insurance policy.

Depreciation rate

· The depreciation rate deducted from new spare parts is 6% per year and with a maximum of 36% except for the production year (exclusive of sales tax). · The depreciation rate from new spare parts is 0%.

This program is subject to the terms and conditions of Jerusalem Insurance Company.

Extra exclusive coverage

A substitute vehicle for 15 days and a daily limit of JOD 50 when your vehicle is in the repair shop. Repair cost including parts without deductibles or depreciation. No exemptions or deductibles. A life insurance policy covering the vehicle owner for JOD 10,000.

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Mumayyaz motor insurance

JOD 885 Minimum Premium

Annual Policy period

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