OTP Service


Enjoy unparalleled security and peace of mind with the OTP and 3D Secure Code Services when shopping online using Visa credit cards and Visa debit cards issued by Capital Bank. The services add an additional layer of security when making online credit card transactions at supported merchants, sending a text message (SMS) to your registered mobile phone containing an OTP for use with each transaction.


How does the service work on Visa?

To complete your online transactions safely, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • When using your credit card to shop at any of the online merchants that support the service, enter your credit card details. A new window will appear requesting your OTP for this transaction.
  • At the same time, you will receive this OTP via an SMS message sent to the mobile phone associated with your account.
  • Enter your OTP, making sure to tick the box indicating you agree to the terms and conditions of the service. Then click Submit.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I register for the services?

All Capital Bank Visa cardholders are automatically registered for the service.


What happens if my mobile phone is unavailable?

If you do not have a mobile phone or have not associated a mobile number with your account, you will not be able to receive your OTP via SMS. You will instead receive a notification requesting that you call our Contact Center. You will need to call the Capital Bank Customer Service Center at 065100220 to ensure your mobile number is registered with the service.


What do I do if I don’t receive my passcode even after requesting it several times?

If you do not receive your passcode after three attempts, you will need to call the Capital Bank Customer Service Center at 065100220 to ensure that your phone number is registered with the service.


What does it mean when the Capital Bank verification page does not appear after completing an online transaction?

The Capital Bank verification page may not appear after every transaction as some online merchants are not registered with the service.


How can holders of secondary credit cards benefit from this service?

If you own a secondary credit card issued under another primary card, the passcode will be sent to the mobile number registered to the secondary card.