Too crowded? Upgrade to a new home!

 One Year Fixed Rate Home Loan at 6.99%


• Competitive interest rate of 6.99% fixed for the first year.

• The campaign applies for new loans and buy-out loans from other banks.

• Free life insurance covering the loan value.

• A one-time grant commission of 1%.

Terms and Conditions:

• The interest rate after the first year is determined based on the Interbank rate at the time, adding to it a fixed margin starting from 2% and according to the salary segment.

• The campaign applies to customers with no less than JOD 1,000 transferred salaries.

• The maximum loan value is JOD 500,000, and the minimum is JOD 25,000.

• The financing can cover up to 80% of the property value.

• The loan tenure is up to 25 years.

The campaign is valid until 01/06/2024.