World Cup Campaign


Would you like to win a ticket for FIFA world cup Qatar 2022? Use our Visa debit and credit cards for a chance to win one of four packages to watch the quarter finals.

The more you spend the more you are closer to win!

1- The campaign will start on 22/03/2022 and end on 10/10/2022

2- The campaign includes both credit and debit cards users.

3- To enter the draw:

• The customer must have an activated credit or debit card.

• Reversed transactions on the card are excluded, and no points will be awarded.

• The minimum usage for the cards is JD 30, except for cash withdrawals.

• Every JD 30 gives the credit card holder three additional opportunities.

• Every JD 30 gives the debit card holder an additional opportunity.

• Newly issued credit cards during the campaign period will be given 30 additional opportunities for one time.

• 100 opportunities are the maximum card opportunities at the customer level per transaction.

• The prize draw will be made after 10/10/2022, and not later than 15/10/2022.


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