Remittances and Payments



Capital Bank offers its customers – both individual and corporate – global remittance services in various currencies. Standing instructions can be made to remit funds on a regular basis.

Customers can submit their remittance applications at any of our branches or using our online banking services. All fund transfers will take approximately two working days to be received.

  •  There is no limit on the amount of funds transferred if the application is done through our branches.
  • To preserve the confidentiality of your banking information, please note that Capital Bank executes remittance requests only through electronic channels or at branches, not via email. For more information, please call 065100220.
  • In the event that the remittance is made online through the bank’s website:
    • If the beneficiary’s account is outside of Capital Bank, the amount should not exceed JOD 10,000 (or its equivalent in USD).
    • If the beneficiary has an account with Capital Bank, the amount should not exceed JOD 25,000 (or its equivalent in other currencies).


To apply for a remittance, the following information needs to be provided:

  • Applicant name and account number
  • Beneficiary name and physical address
  • Transfer amount and currency
  • Beneficiary bank name, branch and SWIFT code
  • Beneficiary bank transit code (if applicable)
  • Beneficiary account number or IBAN
  • Payment details
  • Purpose code of remittance




To support international trade and promote financial inclusion, Capital Bank provides cross-border payment services – typically of medium to large value – to its retail and corporate customers.