Commercial Facilities


To help customers address liquidity and cash flow concerns, Capital Bank offers commercial loans at fixed interest rates, with flexible terms and predictable monthly payments that are guaranteed for the duration of the loan.


Overdraft Facilities

Business overdraft borrowing is a form of credit facility that takes place when commercial customers make payments that exceed the available balance in their current accounts. This form of financing is popular among customers with varying financial requirements, enabling them to receive additional liquidity and manage any cash flow gaps that may arise.

Product features include the following:

  • Freedom of withdrawal and deposit from/to the account
  • Issuance of cheque book for withdrawals
  • Interest is calculated on the utilized balance and is debited at the end of each month
  • Acceptance of drafts drawn on other banks in all major currencies



Revolving Loans Facilities

A revolving loan facility allows for the loan amount to be withdrawn, repaid and withdrawn again in any manner and any number of times, until the agreement expires. Capital Bank treats credit card loans and overdrafts as revolving loans. This method gives businesses the ability to manage their cash needs and have access to additional working capital when required for normal production and operation.

Product features include the following:

  • Ongoing access to a loan
  • Loan limit and maturity tailored to match the company’s operating cycle
  • The ability to temporarily finance the company’s external cash flow
  • Freedom to choose the financing value and maturity
  • Can be used to finance a wide range of working capital needs



Discounted Promissory Notes

Capital Bank issues discounted promissory notes – commercial checks with various maturity dates and creditors. The bank pays the value of the promissory note to the final beneficiary (discounter) before its maturity date. The beneficiary then relinquishes the rights to the value of the note and endorses it in favor of the bank. All promissory notes must have a specific concentration ratio and period, with the limit being reviewed annually. Interest and commission are imposed in advance at each discount transaction.