Bank’s Corporate Governance Code


Capital Bank is committed to ensuring that its policies and practices reflect the highest levels of corporate governance. We have established a comprehensive framework of policies and systems that ensures full accountability to our shareholders and other stakeholders, including the bank’s customers, employees and the broader community.

The bank is directed by the board of directors, which has overall responsibility for the operations and financial soundness of the bank. The board defines the bank’s strategic goals and exercises control over its executive management. The board consists of thirteen members, a mix of executive and nonexecutive directors.

To increase efficiency and speed up decision making, the board has formed seven committees: the Nominations and Remuneration Committee, the Corporate Governance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Risk Management Committee, the Compliance Committee, the Credit Facilities Committee and the IT Governance Committee.

The board of directors and the bank’s executive management are further responsible for developing and monitoring an internal control system that ensures the accuracy and integrity of financial statements, as well as compliance with applicable laws, regulations and instructions.

Capital Bank Coporate Governance Guide 

** The Corporate Governance Code is under review by the Central Bank of Jordan and is not considered final until approved by that bank.